INFOGRAPHIC: Money and Life tracker

(Financial Planning Association of Australia)

Some interesting statistics around financial health derived from recent research conducted with sample size of 2,000 Australians



1 in 5 have engaged a Financial Planner (past or present)

  • A majority of these are in their wealth accumulation phase (35-55 y/o)
  • They have not been financially impacted compared to those without a financial planner
  • 87% did not access (or need to access) their super early
  • Half of these believe that they wouldn’t have done anything differently financially


4 in 5 have not engaged a Financial Planner

  • A third think they can ‘do-it-themselves’ (DIY) with help from friends, family and online
  • 20% think they don’t have enough assets or investments to engage a financial planner
  • 13% are considering seeking the services of a financial planner


With so many different scenarios to consider, it is wise to work through your options with a financial planner who can help you explore ways to make the most of every area of your finances. If you would like to know more, feel that you or anyone you know requires advice, or would simply like a review of your financial situation, please visit our contact page call our office today to arrange an appointment on (07) 5574 0667.

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The information has been given in good faith and has been prepared based on information that is believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publication. The information is general in nature and does not take into account your particular financial needs, circumstances and objectives.


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